13 Office-Themed Gifts Sure To Dominate Secret Santa

- May 05, 2017 -

Secret Santa is an age old holiday tradition in which participating parties pick names at random and purchase that person a gift. It’s something many offices around the country participate in and many office workers dread.

The likelihood of choosing someone you don’t really know is high, which makes gift buying that much more difficult. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to dread office Secret Santa’s anymore. There are plenty of awesome office-themed gifts — and other things that can be repurposed as such — that anyone on your list will be happy to have.

Channel your inner Santa Claus while shopping for the folks in your office this holiday season. Photographed above: a Santa Claus impersonator during the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in New York City on Nov. 24, 2016. Photo: Getty Images

Here are a few ideas sure to be a hit in 2016:

Poppin Desk Accessories:

Perhaps the person you’re shopping for could use a little help getting organized. Maybe their desk just needs a pop of color. Whatever the case may be, Poppin has something useful, fun and cute for anyone’s work space. Check out their site here.

A Rustic Mail Holder:

Speaking of organization, who couldn’t use a cute spot to put all the mail they receive at work throughout the work week? Gone are the days of sifting through purses, backpacks and desk drawers looking for that thing from that one PR representative. Check out this one on Etsy — it’s affordable, adorable and sure to make any cubicle the talk of the office.

Personalized Business Card Holder/Air Plant Pot:

What better way to display business cards than with this neutral and fun holder? Check it out here.

Personalized Desk Tray:

Forget a junk drawer — hook someone on your shopping list up with this gold/lucite desk tray to hold their pens, pins and other odds and ends. Add a personal touch by putting their first or last initial on it. Get it from Etsy here.

Pencils With Sayings On Them:

We’ve all been there — you get a phone call and are scrambling to find something to write with. Make taking messages, jotting down meeting notes or just doodling away all the more fun with these pencils. Shopping for someone obsessed with “Hamilton”? Here’s something for them. Know someone who’s obsessed with grammar? We’ve got them covered too — here.


A new year is just about here, which means it’s time to switch out your desk calendar and personal planner. Bless someone in your office with a planner from Erin Condren. Make it all the more special by personalizing it with their name or a fun quote.

A Desktop Sand Timer:

Whether you’re trying to send the message that someone needs to be more on-task or just looking to buy them some fun desktop decor, this reversible magnetic sand timer from Urban Outfitters is absolutely perfect.

Desktop Zen Garden:

Shopping for the office drama-starter? Or perhaps someone really into yoga and chi? Look no further — a mini zen garden is the perfect way to help turn any cubicle or office space into a zen den. Buy one here.

A Peg Message Board:

Bold people deserve a bold way to send fun messages, out of office messages and more. Buy this peg message board from Urban Outfitters and score major brownie points whether you’re shopping for your office BFF or that guy from accounting that you’ve met once or twice.

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