A Brief History Of Pen Holder

- Jun 07, 2017-

    Classification, including: transparent pen calendar, transparent pen calendar, plastic pen holder is mainly PV and other materials with toughness; wooden pen holder material is almost no restrictions, the main consideration is the brittleness is not high, the same need a little toughness ; Metal pen holder metal pen holder is mainly tinplate, light and not rust; bamboo pen holder This is very simple, the production process is relatively simple, mainly the need for edging of the process only; foam pen holder is generally more tough foam Materials; ceramic pencils produced beautifully generous.Pen Holder

    Production, wooden pen and bamboo pencils are basically handicrafts, the whole process can rely on manual completion, has become a lot of women's business preferred project! Other types of pencils need to be completed through the machine, especially plastic and foam pen holder, a lot of forming links need to complete the machine, only the packaging and trimming process is manual can participate.Pen Holder

    The design of the pen holder is also very important, the design determines the material and the production process, the material determines the degree of durability, production determines the practical, easy to use is one of the largest point of competition, so the design of the pen holder must be personalized , Multi-user point of view.

    Ming and Qing dynasties pen handed a lot of goods, although the shape changes little, but the material is quite rich. There are bamboo, porcelain, wood, copper, ivory, jade, crystal, stone, stone and so on. From the decorative point of view, there are engraved, engraving, carving, painting, etc., to porcelain pen tube, for example, there are blue and white, colorful, pastels, three colors, color glaze and so on. Pen for the litter appliances in the smallest change, the most abundant one of the decorative methods.Pen Holder

    Production of the pen holder In addition to the different materials, painting techniques have also been fully reflected. In the early twentieth century, Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain painting artists to the traditional pastel painting to be modified, with pastel materials in the porcelain painting on the Chinese painting, formed a "Zhu Shan eight friends" as the representative of the porcelain painting famous schools. Yu Wenxiang, also known as Xun Song, alias Huashun, Zhai name "Qingping studio" "famous spring house", under the "Zhu Shan eight friends" one of the people, good at painting snow. His snow painting concept rigorous, very poetic, known as the "King of snow."Pen Holder

    Pen holder is the ancient Chinese pen, ink, paper, inkstone outside the most important utensils, probably appear in the late Ming Dynasty. Pen holder for easy to use, and soon swept the world, is still Sheng and not bad.Pen Holder

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