An Important Message About A Business Card Holder

- Oct 12, 2017-

To remember the name of the customer, the name of their own is the most sensitive, most concerned about, especially in the case of visiting customers if you can not hesitate to call out the other name will greatly enhance the customer's goodwill and trust. And the modern high-level negotiations on cooperation, because the economic crisis on the impact of South Korea so the project was shelved, a year later meet again when the Korean people he can immediately call the author's name, which makes me very surprised and satisfied , After doing a deeper exchange when I learned this trick and has been asked the whole team in the application, the effect is obvious, that he wrote behind my business card the following information: x year x month x day for the first time Meet; fat; history; humor; beer. So the first meeting with customers in the exchange of business cards must be recorded on the card to help you remember some of the information in the next meeting with customers in advance to see if you can accurately say your first time to meet, customer hobbies, expertise. The The The And this will make your position in the customer's mind suddenly rose.Business Card Holder

If you ask a table customer, and these people meet for the first time, then how can you avoid the wrong name when you toast and embarrassing even worse, so may have lost a chance to cooperate? The author with the Japanese learned a trick will never call the wrong name of the way, once and a Japanese to eat, all the guests (we are not familiar with the exchange of business cards after the Japanese business card to do their own table in front of a fan Placed rather than most people like the business card on the exquisite business card holder, in the course of the toast toast during the only Japanese did not call the wrong name, while the other people Zhang Guan Li Dai's one after another, not the Japanese memory is good, Is a good way to let him never call the wrong, the original he received the business card on the table in front of the business card in the direction of their own placed in order to avoid the wrong name, it is a good idea.Business Card Holder

Be sure to have a leather genuine business card holder, in the customer to your business card must be carefully read and carefully placed in the business card holder, and then into the chest pocket, do not put the ass back pocket, business card customers The face, you put the customer's face and your ass relative to the consequences can be imagined!Business Card Holder

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