Classification Of Modern Business Card Folders

- Jun 19, 2017-

   With the growing popularity of popular information, young people are increasingly concerned about the individual wearing tastes and style, tidy suit under the pattern tie, young students in the simple uniform with the color socks, accessories are slowly becoming Highlight the best media from my own characteristics. Today recommended seven business card holder can make the collection of accessories in the pocket have become your fashion taste of the dazzling performance. A lot of time we should think, when I appeared in front of others, I was a business card! Natural logs polished out of the card case, real, rustic and personality, highlight the workplace that sincere and capable of self-confidence! But like to focus on environmental protection to the extreme brand is very small It did not stay in the "pollution-free" the initial stage, but more step forward: "rapid degradation." Material used in natural plant raw materials, can be quickly degraded after use, really in love with the earth.  And you greet the business card box is not just business cards, card case is also your identity as one of the best spokesmen. When you pull it on the box cover, the design of the long bar design, will be revealed in turn Nice To Meet You this sentence. So close to the small surprise, the customer will see more will increase your favor friends.

    Stainless steel flip business card holder from Germany was founded in 1992 Hamburg, the love of the use of metal products designed to brand, naturally to the business card holder also do more sense of science and technology. Stainless steel flip business card holder, the whole body is made of high-grade stainless steel for the integration of material design, with a mirror polished surface texture, opened the lid can be easily removed from the card, because of its curved design, so the internal Space than the ordinary business card holder to be slightly larger.Business Card Holder  If you feel that the sense of science and technology does not meet your aesthetic standards, then the bamboo produced by the "Qing court praise" bamboo single-layer business card holder should be able to meet your needs. From the design of famous, in addition to the use of natural wood made of materials, Ching Chancao card holder there are single or double design, collect back the business card holder on the other two, their business card holder is placed in the first Layer, to reduce the card is too confusing situation, business card holder to open the way is also more special, need to stretch forward, and then cover the card to remove the business card, slightly more than the ordinary business card folder trouble. Save as a solid wood card holder Please note that do not think this is a no brand of products, in fact, the business card holder brand name, the most peculiar is not its name, but this product launched a ten-year warranty program. Because the use of solid wood made of business card holder, so the entire business card holder is hand-grinding out, it is said that you want to make a very time-consuming. Indeed, the solid wood card holder in addition to the price is more expensive, too thick volume is one of its drawbacks.Business Card Holder Envelope shape business card holder company was born in Germany, from the appearance of the business card holder looks like a guest is open to the envelope, the special shape is not its only bright spot. Reflects Envelope Shapes The business card holder has an automatic internal spring device. When the card is removed from the card holder, it automatically closes the lid without manually reattaching the lid.Business Card Holder  Anti-degaussing credit card In recent years, people wallet with something that has undergone tremendous changes. The traditional payment method changes as more and more credit cards appear. In addition to credit cards and savings cards, there are a variety of customer cards, feedback cards, membership cards and so on. All cards have personal information. So on the one hand anytime, anywhere can solve the payment problem, on the other hand, the risk index also will rise. Secret personal information is likely to be in the payment process even in the street in the case of undisturbed easily detected by the illegal. TRU VIRTU Card Wings is a brand that offers anti-RFID electromagnetic RF cartridges.Business Card Holder

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