Creative Bookends

- Jul 29, 2017 -

                The utility model relates to a multifunctional book file. It consists of a vertical plate (1), a document base (10), a palette (8), a diary (2), a placement platform (7), a Suayage (3), a bracket (6), (9), etc. In addition to its function of holding books, it can concentrate on watercolor, palette, diary, ink bottle, miniature stapler, glue and other stationery. Make desk table tidy, make stationery use more convenient. Particularly suitable for students to use.Bookends

                Most libraries now use books that are stamped with thin metal sheets. It has played a certain role in the process of saving books and materials. The greatest advantage of this book is the convenience of manufacturing, saving materials; The disadvantage is that it will cause a certain degree of damage to the books. In the case of closed-shelf lending, the book material by staff thrashed, this shortcoming is not displayed. In the open shelves, the shortage of this document has been clearly exposed, it is very serious damage to the book material.

                In addition to bookmarks, and books frequently close contact with the object is the book file. The common domestic is only two pieces of iron, folded at right angles, the most change some colors, on the above to depict some patterns. However, by the foreign designers, the inconspicuous book file also morphed into a fashion role. Place the head and tail of an arrow separately on a two-book file. When the middle is stuffed with books, it is as if an arrow penetrated all the books. It also symbolizes the ability of users to string together all knowledge.Bookends

                 This is a design that links two seemingly unrelated things: making a book look like a raw egg, and putting it up in a section to document books. So lifelike a design, will certainly let unsuspecting people surprised unceasingly.Bookends

                The use of mirror reflection of the symmetry effect can often make ordinary things have more fun. This mirror book file is the use of a similar principle, it is in the book file design exclamation, books and other characters. Remember Copperfield's feat of crossing the Great Wall? Although this is a trick rather than a real one, it still gives us a feast of the eyes. The wall-piercing elements are now being integrated into the book. No matter how thick your book is, this villain can easily pass through. This novel book file has abandoned the traditional book file angular design, but through the curved flexible lines to outline the profile of the book, giving a beautiful enjoyment. At home such a pair of books, it will be very good to highlight the master's taste.Bookends

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