Desk Tray Market Application And Development

- Sep 18, 2017-

     The plastic pallet has been in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's plastic pallet industry has also been rapid development, the domestic demand for plastic pallets increased rapidly, as well as in recent years, the cost of plastic raw materials have been declining, plastic pallet prices are also a lot, plus plastic trays with: environmental protection, easy to clean, acid and alkali , corrosion-resistant, moistureproof and many other advantages, making more and more customers of plastic pallets more and more favor.Desk Tray

     With the continuous expansion and improvement of the plastic pallet market, plastic pallet manufacturers are more and more, plastic pallet product size is more and more comprehensive, plastic pallet market competition, even more intense, there are some areas of overcapacity in the current situation, the author of the plastic pallet industry has been engaged in sales for nearly ten years of sales staff, Obviously feel the market competition and cruelty.Desk Tray

     Plastic pallet future development trend I think it should be regional services and regional production, like the three companies, a large number of marketing services center, to facilitate the first time sales staff with customers face-to-face exchanges, through the use of the site to view, recommend to customers the right products.Desk Tray

     The importance of manufacturing base is to save logistics costs, imagine if the customer needs 20,000 pallets, shipped from Wuxi to Shenyang, assuming that each plastic pallet logistics costs to 20 yuan, this consignment of freight to 400,000 yuan, if this batch of plastic pallets in production, freight costs almost zero. Greatly increased the competitiveness of products, and delivery speed will be greatly improved.Desk Tray

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