Do You Really Use A Business Card Holder?

- Jun 07, 2017 -

    Delivery of business cards to be polite attitude

    Sales staff in the delivery of business cards when the taboo is to pinch the corner of the business card out, or fingers covered with business cards stretched out. These two methods are sharp fingertips toward each other, is extremely contrary to etiquette. The correct way should be: fingers close together, with the thumb at both ends of the business card, business card on the palm of your hand, politely sent to the other side. You can also use the index finger and thumb grip business cards handed hands.Business Card Holder

    At the same time pay attention to business cards to face customers, so that customers can clearly see the above content, delivery distance should pay attention to the customer is easy to receive, this is the correct way to deliver business cards. Also do not forget to be smiling, the action can not be dragged, so as not to have a sense of exclusion.

    Business card to be easy to remove the place, some customers will observe the salesperson to produce business cards when the attitude and action to determine his character. The salesman in advance when the business card should be easy to remove the place, when you want to send out the business card to get out to each other, and said: "This is my business card, please contact later." This is bound to leave each other A better impression.

    Accept a business card to be courteous customer rebate card when you have to return to business cards with both hands. In the results of others when the first card to remember to see, this is essential. It is best to read the name of the other side of the business card and job information, which is respect for each other's performance, must not be taken after the disdain of action or on the side, playing cards, to other people and other acts, do not On the pants pocket, but can not be forgotten on the table.Business Card Holder

    In the delivery of business cards to more than one person, if the other side will also pass their own business card, this time should immediately take the card, properly handle and then continue to follow the action, do not open the left and right. Note: the use of business cards when the attitude must be careful not to have any frivolous move, so it looks very polite. Treat each other's business card to be saved, can not casually disdain or disdain.Business Card Holder

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