File Holder

- Aug 30, 2017 -

              Office folders, is the day-to-day office process used to organize Office documents and information Office supplies. Office folders are: pp folder, paper folders, Report folder (Sucker Rod, pull edge, pull), Bill folder, Computer folder, fast labor, information booklet. PP folder, paper-skin folder: Used to maintain the use of frequent files, access to files.File Holder

              Material: mainly in cardboard, pp packaging. Clamp: Single strong clamp, single spring clamp, long bar clamp, double strong clamp, double spring clamp, D-type clamp + plate clamp, long bar clamp + clamp, spring clamp + plate CLAMP. Computer clips: 22-hole Steel Computer clip: Specifications A4, f/c; 80 columns, 132 columns. Report folder (Sucker Rod, pull edge, pull), note holder: Instant report file for safekeeping. The preservation of tax stamps, hanging type of information. Quick Labor: Also name folder, use: Keep a large number of working documents, the use of black and blue color. Material: cardboard, PVC adhesive, quick-labor surface smoothness and hardness. Spec.: 2-inch A4, F4, 3-inch A4, F4, 3-hole or 4-hole fast-labor. Fixture: D-Type fixture, O-type fixture (with 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes).File Holder

                New plastic PP material made from the thickness can be customized, using UV printing technology, environmental protection inks, non-toxic harmless, not easy to fade, color printing can be produced according to customer requirements, ultrasonic hot pressing technology, price concessions, promotional effect is significant, but when, beautifully printed, vivid image, for the enterprise to bring wealth, durable.File Holder

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