File Holder And Encrypted Sharing

- Sep 18, 2017-

     Folder sharing management is a set of file server software running on a local area network that makes it easier to manage file sharing in Windows without the same complex settings that users change to a shared folder password through a browser. Perhaps you have been annoyed by server settings and client modifications, so you might as well install the software.File Holder

    The workstation registers for its own disk space through the Web page; the workstation changes the shared password on the file service via a Web page; The network administrator can easily manage a file file server with virtually no setup. The convenience of computers and the Internet is obvious to us, but if we do not have the corresponding security measures, private documents can lead to serious consequences if they are leaked. The data security of these important files, such as Chat records, private files and so on, needs to be protected.File Holder

    If you have some privacy photos you don't want anyone to know, diary, old-letter mail, must be locked, we think the safest way is not to store in local, these privacy files compressed into a password with the compressed package, and then upload it to a stable mailbox (such as Gmail, QQ mailbox), This will solve the conflict between preserving memory and family harmony. First copy the privacy photos, diaries and other privacy documents to a folder, and then open WinRAR, directly click the "Add" button to add these sensitive files in the folder. Press CTRL to enter the encrypted password in the open window.

    Finally, in the form of mail attachments directly to the encrypted compressed package to their own mailbox can be. File HolderHowever, in the mailbox it is best to set a good tag or the name of the attachment, to avoid future mail more than it is not convenient to find. Tip: Now there are many network hard drives available, but, like this more sensitive privacy file, it is best not to choose to save in the network hard disk, saved in the mailbox is more secure and more stable. In case of a day when the network hard disk to stop service, that can cry tears.File Holder

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