File Holder Classification Method

- Jun 19, 2017-

    Folder Icons and Functions: Folders are a data structure used to organize and manage disk files.File Holder  A folder is a directory name, we can temporarily call it "electronic folder"; it provides a corresponding to the corresponding disk space path address ("folder" is a directory name, we can temporarily call it "electronic folder"; it provides the corresponding disk space to the path address , It can have a extension, but does not have the role of file extension, it is not as a file with the extension to identify the format. But it has several types, such as: documents, pictures, albums, music, music and so on. The biggest advantage of using a folder is to facilitate the sharing and protection of files. In order to classify files in an orderly fashion, the operating system organizes files in several directories, also known as folders. Folders generally use a multi-level structure (tree structure), in which each disk has a root folder, which contains a number of files and folders. The folder can not only contain the file, but also can contain the next level folder, so push down the formation of multi-level folder structure not only help users to different types and functions of the file classification storage, but also facilitate file search, but also allows different folders The file has the same file name. Note: The file name can not exceed 255 characters (including spaces).File Holder

    Folder encryption With the popularity of the computer application, the computer files and information and other privacy do not want to be found or stolen, you can encrypt the folder, the network has many tools to [2] folder encryption deal with. One of the manual simple encryption methods are two: Method 1: the file you want to encrypt - right click to add to the compressed file (ZTP format) - generate zip compressed folder right - open mode - with compressdfolders after the generated this File add password OK. Try! Method 2: the file you want to encrypt - right to add to the compressed file - select Advanced - set the password - OK display hidden folder. The first method: the most commonly used is the use of folder options to show hidden folders or files; specific steps are as follows: 1, open my computer, into the hidden file or folder directory, such as D drive; select "Folder" under the "Tools" menu 2, in the pop-up dialog box, select "View" tab, and slide the slider, find "hidden files and folders" and select the following "show all files and files 3, click on the application, if necessary, then select the upper left corner of the "applied to all folders", so, so the directory of hidden files or folders have been displayed. Tip: Here, the owners suggest that you will hide the protected operating system files (recommended) to cancel, because some viruses will self-add s attribute, if this is the default, then you can not see the virus file.File Holder

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