File Holder Sharing And Encryption

- Sep 27, 2017 -

     Folder sharing management is a set of file server software running on a local area network that makes it easier to manage file sharing in Windows without having to make complex settings like Samba, and users change the shared folder password through a browser.File Holder

     Perhaps you have been annoyed by Samba's server settings and client modifications, so you might as well install the software. The workstation registers for its own disk space through the Web page; the workstation changes the shared password on the file service via a Web page; The network administrator can easily manage a file file server with virtually no setup.File Holder

    Right-click the mouse on any files and folders that need to be encrypted, select Properties, click the General tab, and then select advanced encrypted content to protect data. It is necessary to note that the encryption operation for Windows XP is only for NTFS-formatted disk partitions, it does not provide encryption support for traditional FAT16 and FAT32-formatted partitions, and if you want to use encryption, you need to convert the disk to NTFS format.File Holder

    After the encrypted file or folder is opened, it is in a temporary state of decryption. When the software detects that it is not using this encrypted file or folder, it automatically reverts to the encrypted state. Decrypt: Restores the encrypted file or folder to an unencrypted state. File Holder

    How folders are encrypted: You can right-click the folder you want to encrypt in my computer, and choose Encrypt in the pop-up menu. You can also click Folder encryption in the main window of the software.File Holder

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