File Organizer

- Jul 08, 2017-

                 A class of Windows File Manager that opens with a familiar feeling. Can let your mobile phone instantly become a computer, this file management software, for the file management style very adopt the computer file management style, interface more intuitive, for most people, the operation of the software more convenient, easier to use. Features are also very rich, can directly view the picture, etc. set this software has 3D view function. The Astro File Manager is a a powerful, easy-to-use resource management software that allows you to easily copy and paste files. The software also has program Manager functionality.File Organizer

                 Today's operating system uses the File Manager to control access to files. The following is a brief description of the file Manager's functionality: (1) File Manager control access to files. Only those applications that are allowed to access can be accessed differently. For example, a process (or a user calling a process) might be able to read the file, but not write (change) the operation. Another process may be allowed to execute the file, but it is not allowed to read the contents of the file. (2) File Manager manages the creation, deletion, and modification of files. (3) File Manager can name the file. (4) File Manager manages the storage of files: How to store them, where they exist, etc. (5) File Manager is responsible for archiving and backup.File Organizer

                 1, built-in file viewer. 2, open the 3D file will have a 3D view. 3. Includes icon viewer, picture browser.File Organizer

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