Historical Development Of Business Card Holder

- Sep 06, 2017-

     Early business card box to silver or copper, and later appeared sandalwood, rosewood, rhinoceros skin, tortoise and other materials, the shape of many rectangular box, with the opening up and down of the small box, there are boxes and boxes cover separate box type. Business Card box on the pattern, fusion of carving, engraving, carving, inlay and many other crafts, work extremely delicate and meticulous. Business Card Holder
     In particular, the Business card box made of hardwood is a fine art. Craftsmen to the sword, to round, through carving, flat carving, line carving and other crafts, in the wooden box above depicting the landscape characters, flowers and birds, the drama story and other patterns, so that it has a subtle, carved artistic effect, add a business card box Vento charm and artistic temperament.Business Card Holder
     The Business card box is also a symbol of identity in the early Qing Dynasty when the human culture flourished. The more precious the material, the more sophisticated the process of business card box, it will reflect the user's grade identity. such as some of the pursuit of elegant taste, the use of precious Sandalwood wood business card box, carry, not only can play the role of Sachet, but also to make business cards also Aoi Qingxin fragrance, so that people smell has a sense of refreshing feeling, to show their distinguished taste. In contrast, some people in order to boast rich, gold jewelry to make business card box, it appears to be a bit otherworldly gas.Business Card Holder
     Because the birth card box is not long, but also belong to the name of the small miscellaneous, used to be overlooked. However, with the heat of the collection in recent years, some eye-sharp players have shifted their eyes to some of the more unpopular collections, Business card box appreciation of profit space has been optimistic, has become the "potential stock" in the city. and the Collection Business card box, has the material, the year, the craft three elements. The material is creatures. Business Card Holder
    Second is to discern the era, if it is modern products, there is no great collection value. The production process is exquisite delicate and exquisite, the pattern layout is exquisite, the modelling is complete for the basic premise of collection.Business Card Holder

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