Historical Development Of Business Card Holder

- Oct 27, 2017-

Exchanging business cards is a common way of introducing people in social intercourse. Generally speaking, the business card is a personal identity, status symbol, but also users require social identification, access to social respect of a way, for business people, business cards are a microcosm of the organization's image. Therefore, the exchange of business cards should pay attention to its etiquette effect, just right to use business cards, appear polite, awe-inspiring.Business Card Holder

In social situations, business cards are an easy way to introduce yourself. The order of exchanging business cards is usually "first guest, first low after high." When exchanging business cards with many people, should be in accordance with the order of position, or far, in turn, do not jump, lest the other side mistakenly think there is a sense of partiality. If you have more people on this side, let the higher rank send the card to each other first. The card should be delivered with the front face facing each other.Business Card Holder 

Eyes should gaze at each other, smiling, and said generously: "This is my business card, please take care." "As a foreign exchange business card, you can first notice the other side is using one hand or hands to pass the card, followed by imitation." For the Europeans, Arabs and Indians are accustomed to exchanging business cards with one hand, while the Japanese prefer to send their business cards with their right hand and take their cards on their left.Business Card Holder The delivery of the business card should be introduced after the identity of the other party should not be in a hurry to deliver business cards, not to mention the business card as casually distributed leaflets. Delivery business card has not been too strict attention, generally the low status of people to the status of the first hand card, male first to women hand card. Women may also take the initiative to hand out business cards to men for business and commercial purposes.Business Card Holder

In order to find and use convenient, it is appropriate to classify other people's business cards. Individual business cards can be categorized according to the surname strokes, or according to different communicative relationships. Pay attention to other people's position, occupation, address, telephone and other changes, and timely note the changes, so that through the business card master each customer, each friend's true situation.Business Card Holder

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