How To Encrypt A File Holder

- Sep 06, 2017-

     Powerful file and folder encryption and data protection software. Has the ultra fast and the strongest file and the folder encryption function, the data protection function, the folder, the file shredding deletes as well as the folder disguise and so on function. Folder local and hidden encryption can instantly encrypt folders on your computer or on your hard disk, and in what environment you cannot decrypt them under any other software. Prevent copying, copying, and deletion. And it is not affected by the system, even if the reload, ghost Restore, encrypted folder remains encrypted state. Hidden encrypted folders cannot be found and decrypted without the software.File Holder
     Can encrypt the folder and file directly into EXE executable file. You can encrypt important data in this way before using a network or other method on a machine that does not have a "folder encryption Super Master" installed. And speed also express, can encrypt 25-50m data per second. Data protection to prevent data from being deleted, copied, moved, and renamed. It also supports the temporary decryption of encrypted folders, which can be automatically restored to the encrypted state after a temporary decryption of the folder.File Holder
     The correct password cannot be decrypted after the file is encrypted. Encrypted files remain encrypted after decryption. The shredding of folders and files can remove the data that you want to delete but are afraid of being recovered by someone else using data recovery software after deletion. Folder camouflage can disguise a folder as a Recycle Bin, a cab folder, a printer, or other types of files, disguised as a disguised system object or file instead of a folder before it is disguised. File Holder
     There is also the function of some system security settings, such as drive hidden lock.It's easy to use, right-click on the folder or file you want to encrypt, click Encrypt, and then enter your password and then press the return button. When decrypting, simply double-click the encrypted folder or file and enter the correct password.File Holder

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