How To Manage Files And File Holder On Your Computer

- Aug 12, 2017-

               We have some people on the desk, the papers piled up, find the time can not find, the computer files are also placed in the disorderly seven or eight roughness, some of the desktop is cluttered with temporary files, folders are not rules, file storage and disorderly, and the version of the file is also very confusing, often appear hard enough to use the situation, in fact, a file saved a lot of copies, and a bunch of useless files in the computer. In fact, what we really need is to sit down, move your brain, think about how to manage your computer, take the time to really manage the files in your computer, and save yourself more time in the future.File Holder

              Starting with the hard disk partition, what each partition should be very clear, a computer partition for 4 districts is better, c area used to put system files, D disk used to place working files, e disk used to put personal files and entertainment files, f disk used for backup files or long-term unused files. Different files can not be misplaced, when the computer is back to the system, the file will not be lost.File Holder

              Not missing is that all items have corresponding folder corresponding, neither missing, nor should produce duplication. If it is a matter of chance, we can set up a different folder, the name is simple, it is easy to see what is in the name, and not have to go in to know, the words should not be too much, generally 3-6 words can be set reasonable means the internal number of files to be similar, if a folder only one or two files a year, and a folder produced 300 files a year, it is not very reasonable, too few folders to merge, too many folders separate files.File Holder

              According to the matter set up after every a children, if the technical class can be divided into years, if the management class needs to divide into years as far as possible, one years one folders, in the future is very easy to find. A Partition Settings folder should not be too much, generally limited within 20, for the general technical staff, if the D disk mainly put the work of the files, according to their own work in a few folders, for some temporary received folders can create a to-do folder, when the document in this folder is processed, you should be on the system of My Documents, you can put some temporary documents.File HolderFile Holder

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