How To Use A Business Card Holder

- Jul 08, 2017 -

                 The big bogey when the salesman delivers the business card is to pinch the corner of the business card, or stick a card out of it. Both of these methods are extremely contrary to etiquette to turn sharp fingertips toward each other. The correct method should be: Finger close together, with the thumb to clip the two ends of the business card, the business card on the palm, politely sent to the other side. You can also use your index finger and thumb to hold the card with both hands. At the same time to pay attention to the business card to face customers, so that customers can clearly see the above content, delivery distance to pay attention to the customer is easy to receive, so that is the correct way to deliver business cards. Also don't forget to smile, action can not be dragged, so as not to let the other side of the feeling of repulsion.Business Card Holder

                Some customers watch the salesman's attitude and actions when they show their business cards to judge his character. When the salesman is out in advance to put the card in the easy to take out the place, in order to send out the card to the other hand, and said: "This is my business card, please contact in the future." "This must leave each other a better impression.Business Card Holder

                 When you accept a business card, you must return your business card with both hands when you are courteous to the customer. It is vital that you first remember to look at the results of other people's business cards. It is best to read out the name and position of the other person on the business card, which is to respect the performance of each other, must not show disdain after receiving the action or put on the side, play cards, to others and other acts, also do not put in the trouser pockets, more can not forget on the table. In the delivery of business cards to many people, if the other side also will be handed over their cards, at this time should immediately take the card, appropriate treatment and then continue to follow the action, do not $number.

                 In the use of business cards must be cautious attitude, do not have any frivolous behavior, so it seems very impolite. Treat each other's business cards to keep good, can not casually put or dismissive.Business Card Holder

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