Introduction Of Different Materials For Pen Holder

- Oct 17, 2017 -

The vase is similar to the cube, the wall is slightly thick, shallow square foot, both inside and outside are decorated the light Zhuo, makes the side-line bamboo grain. Its decoration is simple, but intriguing. The bamboo is expressed in a geometrical "∽" pattern, each root of the number of bamboo poles, "∽" pattern of the direction of a regular change, patchwork, the formation of rhythm and dynamic sense, coupled with repair tires, bamboo is slightly raised, the bamboo is slightly low, undulating evenly, so that Zhuo does not appear frivolous, add a three-dimensional.Pen Holder

This pen Zhuo piece pastes tightly, splicing meticulous, the transition round melts, the color is moist, has the class tooth, the Jade, has the unique charm. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty Palace craft pursues elaborate rich tide, can appear this kind of exquisite skill, to simplify the multiplication, the style fresh work, it is commendable.Pen Holder The pencil holder with the tooth shape, the body near the ellipse, the small lower big, the mouth wall thick and the foot wall is thin, after inserting the bottom, the waist one week is bigger, will the status of the device as the upper and lower two parts. Decoration to shallow relief mainly, performance an old man holding a stick, along with a small Domby hand stroke, as if to speak. Although the knife is simple, it is very rich in three-dimensional. Two people stand in the mountain dwell, one side of the stone tree, limited to the lower area, the other side rocky rock steep, loose dry , straight into the clouds. To depict the distant mountain moss and the cloud-shrouded, the level is clear. Carving more on one side, the back of the pen has large white, for the signature.Pen Holder

Vase, red sandalwood, cylindrical, small, slightly slender. Cylinder wall selection mother-of-pearl, color stone, dyed teeth inlaid peony, cherry, lake Stone and other patterns. The decorative layout of the outer wall of this pen is graceful, and the carving and slotting inlay are fine and proper. Flower Fruit stone pattern rich in natural, and then by the deep wood color red sandalwood foil, the more fresh eijun.Pen Holder

Coconut wooden vase, ten petal sunflower type. The barrel body is painted black lacquer, decorated with gold floral pattern, each convex petal all leaves out the rectangular decoration, the influence in the original gold lacquer painting is more special. Black lacquer Gold gorgeous pleasing to the eye, while the wood color sinks dark refined, mutual foil, adornment effect is more outstanding.Pen Holder

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