Introduction To File Holder Related Properties

- Oct 27, 2017-

The U disk folder become empty, folder file name changed garbled, generally because of the virus causes, because the virus files are hidden, so this time we do not have to use anti-virus software, you can use easy recover and diskgenius to repair.

Before the repair, the small part to tell you that the U-disk folder is empty after the temporary do not move inside content or store new content in, because this will overwrite the content you want to recover, the probability of repair will be reduced. Here's the tutorial for today's repair.File Holder

Create a new folder-Properties-custom; Change Icon-There are a few blank icons in the middle, just choose one for yourself. The folder icon becomes transparent, select the filename, right-click, select Rename, right-click, insert Unicode character, choose one, I choose the first, the mouse in the screen in the blank point.File Holder

Right-click the mouse on any files and folders that need to be encrypted, select Properties, click the General tab, and then select advanced encrypted content to protect data. It is necessary to note that the encryption operation for Windows XP is only for NTFS-formatted disk partitions, it does not provide encryption support for traditional FAT16 and FAT32-formatted partitions, and if you want to use encryption, you need to convert the disk to NTFS format.File Holder

One is simply to hide the folders in a variety of ways, even using Windows vulnerabilities to hide, the software does not have any encryption of data processing, it is declared that "the speed of encryption is very fast, hundreds of g of data only need to complete 1 seconds." There is no size limit. "However, this encryption of the folder encryption effect is extremely fragile, only to prevent some computer novice peep your data."File Holder

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