Pen Holder With Huanghua Pear

- Aug 12, 2017-

                 Huanghua Pear Pen can be called as a gentleman in the pen, exquisite pear wood grain to make pear vase even if do not do any sculpture is exquisite. Because the pear wood is very stable, the day is not deformed, not cracking, so that the current antique market on the mahogany pen vase, the most complete preservation of the flower vase, the highest price. With the rapid decline of the number of pear trees in Hainan, the imminent extinction, making the existing flower vase to become rare, collectible value leaps. Many people find a pieces of pear vase cherished after the addition, as a family treasure. The collection of pear vase is indeed a very good investment, but it is best to first study the properties of pear, in order to avoid buying fakes.Pen Holder

                 Wooden pen and bamboo pen is basically handicrafts, the whole process can be done by hand, has become a lot of women's first choice of entrepreneurship projects! Other types of pen-holders need to be completed through the machine, especially plastic and foam pen, many of the forming links are required to complete the machine, but the packaging and trimming process is manual can participate.Pen Holder

                 The design of the pen is also very important, the design determines the material and production process, the material determines the durability, production is decided to be practical, easy to use is one of the biggest competition point pen, so design pen must be as personalized as possible, more user-friendly point of departure.Pen Holder

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