PostScript File Organizer

- Aug 12, 2017 -

            The popularity of smartphones makes the files in the mobile phone more and more, management is very troublesome, so choose a appropriate file manager is very important, the following for you to recommend several. Total Commander computer in many people using TC (total Commander), in fact, now has a mobile phone version of TC, not only can move, copy, delete and other basic operations, and can be bulk operation. Its biggest highlight is supporting plug-ins, can effectively expand the function of the file Manager.File Organizer

            FM Plus network technology is a new technology in the printing industry, it can effectively eliminate the influence of moire, improve production efficiency and printing quality. In this paper, the image size and the angle of placement must be determined before the network is added. Group version can not be based on the need to edit the image, publishing when the amount of data transfer, network and publishing process is not enough, proposed to the group version of the PostScript file after the FM network process.File Organizer

            This paper studies the descriptive principle and method of PostScript page description language from a practical point of view, and uses the method of comparison to interpret the representation of text, graphics and images in PostScript file, and analyzes the various processes of describing the image attribute parameters and data. With Cross-platform function of the Java language, compiled PostScript file FM network manager, Breakthrough PostScript file can not be displayed, pre-viewing technology restricted area, to achieve the group version of PostScript file display. At the same time, the group version of pre-FM network technology was transplanted, and the FM and network processing of the image in PostScript file was completed. This topic is one of the key technologies of the commercialization and practicality of FM network technology, the result of which makes FM network more close to the current prepress process, and is more advantageous to the popularization and application of FM network technology.File Organizer

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