Raw Materials For Pen Holder

- Sep 27, 2017-

     This kind of tree trunk height, no straight root, with several adventitious roots, festive humidity, soil moist environment, often grow in the ravine. Growth in the main broad-leaved forest cemetery, by rain erosion 2 meters deep ditch, slope to the south West, slope 15 °. The dense community is about 15 meters high and the community coverage reaches 70%.Pen Holder

     The soil is fertile and has a large sand content. Local spring rainy, summer often typhoons and torrential rains, temperature and humidity are suitable for spore plant growth. Only autumn and winter more fine and less rain, habitat drought, but the relative humidity in the ditch, but also can be sheltered from cold. After observation, the Sporangia group was about 4 months, and the spore leaves were two times older, respectively in April and October. Pen Holder

    But no gametophyte growth environment, so no seedlings. The old leaves easily fall, dry on the leaf marks exist, dry black and slender roots, can be made into snake wood Basin, snake timber, snake wood, snake wood and other gardening supplies. In the early days, people would use its upright stems for bridge or work-Liao's bracket, but also can make the pattern Tiancheng, the beautiful durable pen. Stem end young pith heart can eat, bud and leaves can also be edible.Pen Holder

    China's pen craft exquisite, interesting and elegant, aloof and refined. Its material is bamboo, wood, ceramics, but also useful jade, roots, ivory, metal and so on. The shape is cylindrical, straight mouth, straight wall, also has the mouth for plum Blossom, kwai fat, Fangtou, volume book, Plus, six square, quartet, irregular and other different forms. Although the shape change is not big, but the adornment method is richest, has engraved, the inscription, the carving, the painting and so on many kinds of artistic techniques. The artistic conception of bamboo vase is deep and interesting.Pen Holder

    Wooden vase is quaint and elegant. Porcelain vase is blue and white, multicolored, pastels, blue and white glaze red, brother Kiln porcelain, Longquan porcelain, June kiln porcelain, dazzling, all. Jade, ivory, inlay pen more material and craft see heavy, Seiko Kit Kat, extremely rich charm.Pen Holder

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