Related Records And Classification Of Pen Holder

- Jun 16, 2017-

    According to the literature, the three countries have pen holder. Wu's Lu Ji "Mao poetry vegetation insects and insects insect fish sparse" of the "borers have a child" chapter cloud: "take the mulberry negative in the air, or the book pen pen, seven days and the". Although the text did not say the pen of the material, but from the place where the wild insects, one for the wood (wood), two for the book Jane (bamboo, wood) deduction, pen holder should be the quality of bamboo. But the pen of the Three Kingdoms and later generations of the pen holder is the same, the Han Dynasty unearthed bamboo pen can be glimpse its shape. Such as Hubei Jiangling Phoenix Mountain No. 168 Han tomb and Shandong Linyi Jinque Mountain Zhou's tomb unearthed a bamboo pen. Jinjiao Han Tomb of the bamboo pen at both ends of the pier, the body has eight holes, the middle of the tube and both ends of the three leather hoop, pen painted black paint, unearthed, pen holder with bamboo pen. Cylinder body on the hole is to facilitate the pen. It can be seen, the Han Dynasty pen holder is a hole of fine bamboo tube, pen completely placed in it, and later round cylindrical pen pen pen is very different. Pen Holder

   Lu Ji "Mao poetry vegetation birds and insects fish sparse" mentioned in the pen holder, may also be this shape, fine bamboo tubular pencil seems to be more suitable for put mulberry. Song Anonymous made "caused by virtual complex ZU" words: "Wang Xizhi has a turquoise pen holder, name Hu class; offer a bamboo pen holder, name, Qiu Zhong." Wang Xianzhi play the bamboo pen pen was passed for the text: people elegant things, but "caused by virtual miscellaneous ZU" for future generations to remember for the record,Pen Holder

   Bamboo: Interception of a suitable bamboo, and stay, is a start of the pen holder, so far seen the earliest one pen holder is the Nanjing Museum of Zhu Song of the system of pine crane pattern bamboo pen. Zhu Songyi for the Ming Zhengde Jiajing years Jiading sent bamboo ancestors. Song of its sub-name Ying, No. Komatsu; Sun Zhi Zheng, No. 3 loose. Third, according to legend, Jiading three Zhu, fame. The pen of the pen to participate in the round carving, through the carving and high embossed law, knife deep, conquering quaint, subject matter is also a character story for more.  Shanghai Museum possession of two Ming Shen Da-sheng of the bamboo pen, Shen Shi Cheng Zhu San Song, to Zhu's engraving system pen, the subject matter is also a character story. Porcelain see Chong Chong of the system, there are two straight mouth and mouth, wall straight or slightly waist, mouth to the end of the body is thick, mouth exposed or paste the sauce, the subject matter to the character story Mainly. Wooden Ming Wanli years of Shanghai Baoshan Zhu Shoucheng couple coffin tomb with a red sandalone pencil, on the big small, plain, mouth along the week with a raised pattern, with seat, seat under the three short feet. Handed down the Ming Dynasty wooden pen to see a tube body carved Pan Chi, flowers, Yunlong and so on. Wooden pencils are more common in the embossed flower pencil, composition or concise, or full of thick and not messy; knife round cooked, smooth and quaint.Pen Holder  In addition, the Ming Dynasty there are paint pen and ivory pen tube handed down. Rise in the late Ming Dynasty pen in the Qing Dynasty popular. Each section pen holder strong development. Porcelain, bamboo, lacquerware, ivory, jade, agate, purple sand, gourd pencil, or change perfect, or flourish debut, become a companion companion day and night to get along.

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