The Birth Of Business Card Holder

- Sep 27, 2017-

     Chinese use of business cards is very long history, the earliest can be traced back to the pre-Qin period with bamboo chips written "name Thorn." And after a long period of more than 2000 years, the form, specifications, material, has not formed a unified, is a more casual way of disseminating information, has become an important social occasions appliances.

Until the late Qing Dynasty, the country was opened, many new things influx. Business Card Holder

     People find that foreigners use a thick paper card cards, suitable size, beautifully crafted, containing names, addresses, jobs and other information, has a good self-introduction function. Prior to this, the business card is not easy to carry. And-film, not only easy to carry use, the recipient is also easy to store, so people quickly accepted this-film, and the birth of the business card box this accessory supplies.Business Card Holder

     Because the birth card box is not long, but also belong to the name of the small miscellaneous, used to be overlooked. However, with the heat of the collection in recent years, some eye-sharp players have shifted their eyes to some of the more unpopular collections, Business card box appreciation of profit space has been optimistic, has become the "potential stock" in the city.Business Card Holder

    And the Collection Business card box, has the material, the year, the craft three elements. The material is creatures. Second is to discern the era, if it is modern products, there is no great collection value. The production process is exquisite delicate and exquisite, the pattern layout is exquisite, the modelling is complete for the basic premise of collection.Business Card Holder

    These business card boxes, especially the wood of the more special, but also the future use of a trend, especially for business gifts, enterprise gifts, because the style and materials are more special, but also popular welcome. One of the wooden business card box, but also a variety of wood: mahogany, maple, imitation mahogany, and so on, at present, especially in the east of Shenzhen, the most outstanding technology. Elegant style and excellent.Business Card Holder

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