The Form Of The Pen Holder Is Presented

- Sep 06, 2017-

    Transparent pen calendar, plastic pen, mainly PV, such as more resilient materials. Wooden pen, wooden pen material is almost unlimited, the main consideration is the brittleness is not high, the same need to take a point of toughness, metal pen metal pen is mainly tinplate, lightweight but not rusty. Bamboo Pen This is very simple, the production process is also relatively crude, mainly need to sharpen the edge of the craft, foam pen, is generally more resilient foam material.Pen Holder
    Wooden pen and bamboo pen is basically handicrafts, the whole process can be done by hand, has become a lot of women's first choice of entrepreneurship projects! Other types of pen-holders need to be completed through the machine, especially plastic and foam pen, many of the forming links are required to complete the machine, but the packaging and trimming process is manual can participate. The design of the pen is also very important, the design determines the material and production process, the material determines the durability, production is decided to be practical, easy to use is one of the biggest competition point pen, so design pen must be as personalized as possible, more user-friendly point of departure.Pen Holder
    Ming and Qing dynasties pen handed down very much, although the shape changes little, but the material is quite rich. There are bamboo, porcelain, wood, copper, ivory, jade, crystal, end stone, paint and so on. From the decorative method, there are carved, engrave, carving, painting and so on, with porcelain pen as an example, there are blue and white, multicolored, pastel, three color, color glaze and so on. The vase is one of the most abundant varieties of the Lipho utensil with the smallest change and the most decorative method.Pen Holder
    Before the Ming dynasty handed down the bamboo artifacts very few, one is the lack of well-known carving, the second some artifacts without carving name, and bamboo products itself is not easy to save, difficult to see unearthed things, so the specific age is extremely difficult to decide. After the middle of the Ming Dynasty, bamboo famous, bamboo artifacts from the practical type began to practical and appreciate both the type of transformation, bamboo pen is also at this time, and gradually become the favorite thing collectors.Pen Holder

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