The History Of The Different Materials Of The Pen Holder

- Oct 12, 2017-

The use of plastic bottles as a penholder of course, nothing wrong, but this set of ceramic pen holder for your desk to bring a different creative space: modular solid ceramic tube can be combined with each other into a cruise ship, palace or plant, with them to bloom Pencil, tape, etc. would not it be more interesting?Pen Holder Pen holder is one of the utensils. For the tube-shaped suitcase, mostly straight mouth, straight wall, mouth similar, modeling is relatively simple, no major changes. The age of the pen cannon can not be tested, the three countries Wu Luji "Mao poetry vegetation insects and insects insects and insects are bitten": "take mulberry negative in the air, or pen pen pen, seven days and". Whether the pen holder is today's pen holder, it is not known. The material of the pen holder, but from the place where the mulberry put, one for the wood (wood), two for the book Jane (bamboo, wood) deduction, the pen should also be the quality of bamboo. But the pen of the Three Kingdoms and later generations of the pen holder is the same, the Han Dynasty unearthed bamboo pen can be glimpse its shape.Pen Holder

Cylinder body on the hole is to facilitate the pen. It can be seen, the Han Dynasty pen holder is a hole of fine bamboo tube, pen completely placed in which, and later round cylindrical pen pen pen is very different. Lu Ji "Mao poetry vegetation birds and insects fish sparse" mentioned in the pen holder, may also be this shape, fine bamboo tubular pen holder seems more suitable for put mulberry worms.Pen Holder The pen holder is a simple and easy-to-use utensil in the stationery. This pen tube pattern perfect, the layout of stress, the election material properly, carved fine, is the representative of the Ming Dynasty Bai Bao lacquer ware, showing the late Ming Dynasty painter superb skills. In addition, this is one of the earliest pencils. This pencil is near the cube, the mouth is the Japanese corner square. Flat and no foot, both inside and outside are painted black paint, wall four sides according to the needs of color, the choice of snails, Shoushan stone, jasper, turquoise, ivory and other materials, embedded plum, Begonia and other broken flowers and butterflies.Pen Holder

Pen at first glance slightly Japanese style, black lacquer for the end, embedded multicolored, fine pattern beautiful. Pokemon lacquer is a non-wealthy people can not use the extravagant things, and this thing elegant and elegant, sophisticated materials, when the palace artifacts.Pen Holder

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