The Meaning Of The File Holder

- Jun 07, 2017-

    Folders are specially loaded with full page files, the main purpose is to better save the file, make it neatly standardized. Ordinary computer folders are used to help people manage computer files, each folder corresponds to a disk space, it provides the address corresponding to the space, it does not have the extension, it is not like the file format with the extension to identify.File Holder

    Is a business or business activities in the process of paper documents in order to store, protect and regulate the use of tools, modern business activities is given the image of the display function, can be used to hold all kinds of paper documents Information, but not limited to this. Materials include PP, PVC, cardboard; and some are imitation leather, cloth and so on. In the market can usually buy the standard A4 file for the dress object.File Holder

There are many types of folders: including single-strong folder, double strong folder, data book, two-inch folder, three-inch folder, different specifications of the double open folder, single folder (also known as L-type folder), multi-folder.

    The so-called "document" is in our computer to achieve a function, or a part of the function of a software for the purpose of the definition of a unit. There are many kinds of documents, the way the operation is also different. In general, we can identify the file name to what type of file, a specific file will have a specific icon (that is, show the file look), and only install the appropriate software to properly display the file icon.

    Documents are software development, maintenance and use of the relevant information, usually can be long-term preservation. A document is an important part of the software. In the development process of the software product, the user needs fixed in written form, the specifications generated by each stage in the development cycle, the decision made by the researcher and its basis, the remaining issues and the direction of further improvement, and the manual of the final product And operating instructions, are recorded in various forms of documents.File Holder

   The document is another component of the software - the interpretation and explanation of the procedure, is an important means of managing the development process. Managers through the file to establish a different development staff or groups of work links between the adjustment of the development cycle.File Holder

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