The Relevant Collection Value Of Pen Holder

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The best collection of pen can be selected according to different materials. such as bamboo and wood pen as the focus of the Qing Dynasty, because the Ming dynasty artifacts handed down goods very little, the price of the expensive is conceivable, even if the work of the general craftsman, often in the million, and the Qing Dynasty products more, available for choice.Pen Holder

Porcelain pen to the middle of the morning as the focus, especially to note that the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China had burned many imitation Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong of the blue and white, multicolored, pastel objects, this requires collectors in the identification of these artifacts, to grasp the times of the characteristics of each period, so that their collection to jump a higher level.Pen Holder

Bamboo Pen is the most common and most important pen in Qing Dynasty. We from the early metaphase of several well-known literati bamboo famous Wu Zhiji, Zhou Yi, Pansi, Deng pen making pencil to see the whole situation of the Qing Dynasty pencil vase. In the Qing Dynasty pen, from the situation of the existence of the world, porcelain vase is second only to bamboo pen, varieties involving blue and white, blue and white glaze red, glaze red, ink color, multicolored, pastel, bucket color, monochrome glaze and so on. Among them, Kangxi's blue and white, Yongzheng ink color and Qianlong of the pastel vase, embodies the highest level of porcelain firing. From the perspective of the model, early morning (Shun Zhi, Kangxi), some of the pen also retained the Ming Dynasty pen Upper and lower all the characteristics of slightly skim; From the pattern, there are landscape characters, flowers and birds, pine cranes, hundred life word, etc., but to the story of mountains and rivers, such as Tiger Brook, Bamboo Seven yin, Spring banquet peach Garden and so on. This pool has a small number of jade pen and ivory pen, these pots are mostly through the landscape, with deep carving, hollow and carved techniques to cut the landscape characters and other patterns, the characters and scenery match, exquisite decoration, rich level, layout dense, three-dimensional strong.Pen Holder

Look from the shape, to the Qing Dynasty, the shape of the pen has also changed considerably. Qing Shun Zhi years of the general shape of the pen is higher, flat bottom glaze,: fetal body thick. To the Qing Kangxi years, the body slightly reduced, the fetal wall moderate, the bottom of the center has a small circle concave, white glaze, concave outside the flat, to the outside of a circle of white glaze, to the inner side of a circle without glaze. This shape looks like a jade wall, so what people call "wall foot". To the Qing Yongzheng, Qianlong, the pen has become slightly wider carcass, fetal wall also slightly thin, the bottom also by "flat Bottom", "Wall foot" to "lap foot".Pen Holder

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