The Role Of File Holder

- Jul 08, 2017-

               Folders are dedicated to full page files, the main purpose is to better save the file, make it neat specifications. Ordinary computer folders are used to help people manage computer files, each folder corresponds to a disk space, it provides an address to the corresponding space, it does not have an extension, and the file format is not identified with the extension.File Holder

                A directory in which the computer's disk space establishes a separate path for storing electronic files in order to classify them. A folder "is a directory name that we can call a" e-folder "for the moment; it provides a path address to the corresponding disk space, it can have an extension, but does not have a file name extension, and it does not identify the format as a file with an extension. But it has several types, such as documents, pictures, albums, music, music sets, and so on. The biggest advantage of using folders is the convenience of sharing and protecting files.File Holder

                The operating system organizes files in several directories, also known as folders, for the orderly storage of files. Folders typically have a multi-level structure (a tree structure) in which each disk has a root folders that contain several files and folders. A folder can contain not only files, but also the next level of folders, so that the multi-level folder structure that is formed helps users classify files of different types and functions, facilitates file lookups, and allows files in different folders to have the same file name.File Holder

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