The Wastebasket Takes You To Understand The Principles Of Use

- Oct 12, 2017-

Archimedes first proposed the principle of leverage in the book "Balance of Graphic Graphics". He first regarded some of the empirical knowledge in the practical application of leverage as "the axiom of self-evident", and then proceed from these axioms, using geometric through rigorous logic to get the principle of leverage.Wastebasket

These axioms are: equal weight at the same distance from the fulcrums at both ends of the weightless rods, and they will be balanced; at equal distance between the ends of the weightless rods, One end will be down; in the weight of the rod at both ends of the fulcrum is not equal to the same distance hanging at the same distance, the distance from one end will be down; a heavy role can be used with several evenly distributed heavy objects Instead, as long as the center of gravity remains the same. In contrast, several uniformly distributed weights can be replaced by a weight suspended at their center of gravity, and the center of gravity of a similar pattern is distributed in a similar manner.Wastebasket On the basis of the theory of "center of gravity", Archimedes discovered the principle of leverage, that is, the distance between them and the weight is inversely proportional to the weight of the two points. Archimedes on the lever of the study not only stay in the theoretical , And according to this principle also carried out a series of invention and creation.

Once leveraged and pulley groups, so that the parking on the beach mast-like smooth water, in the defense of Syrah from the Roman Navy attack in the battle, Archimedes leveraged principle to create a far, close the catapult, use it Fired a variety of missiles and boulders attack the enemy, had the Roman people in the Syracuse outside the city for 3 years.Wastebasket

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