Ways And Trends Of File Storage Box

- Jul 01, 2017-

     Storage box direct access to the local area network, no IP settings can be used as a local hard disk security, can set different read and write permissions, patented Ndas technology one step to build LAN file "Server", no need to occupy more than 2 units of system resources can be set to RAID 0 or 1 automatic power management, 100MB Ethernet interface, USB 2.0 interface, as a network data backup equipment, used to back up 200-300 data, can replace small and medium-sized company's tape drive do daily backup, Let the tape drive only for data archiving, as the advantages of backup equipment: 1 through the network connection, can be separated from the host, to achieve off-site backup (LAN); 2) multi-host backup without a dedicated backup software 3 can be used for data mirroring and data fault tolerance 5) low price, no need to buy another tape, less than 6 of the investment) backup speed than the average tape drive faster than 7. Multi-host backup to the same disk partition, take full advantage of disk space 8 data recovery only need about 1 hours, Faster than the general backup software disaster-tolerant mode 9) The Non-stop Machine backup system (ghost need to do in DOS backup)File Storage Box
    10 can do the difference and incremental backup.File Storage Box
    Today, there are many ways to store it. Why use disk array storage? Here's a little bit about the advantages of disk array storage. There are currently two main ways to improve disk access speed. One is the disk cache control, which reduces the number of disk accesses by fetching data from the disk in cache memory. The reading and writing of the data is done in the cache memory, dramatically increasing the speed of access, such as when the data to be read is not in the cache memory, or when the data is written to disk, the disk access action is made. This approach is in a single duration environment (Single tasking Envioronment) such as DOS. Access to large amounts of data has good performance (small and frequent access is not). However, it is not possible to display performance in a Multi-Tasking environment (because of the movement of data exchange (Swapping) or database) access (because each record is small). There is no security in this way.File Storage Box
     One is the technology that uses disk arrays. A disk array is a set of multiple disks used as a single disk, it stores data in a segmented (striping) manner on different disks, and when data is accessed, the associated disks in the array act together: significantly reduce data access time and better space utilization. The different technologies used by disk arrays, known as RAID levels, vary level for different systems and applications to address data security issues.File Storage Box

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