Wooden Pen Holder

- Jul 29, 2017-

              Wooden pen and bamboo pen is basically handicrafts, the whole process can be done by hand, has become a lot of women's first choice of entrepreneurship projects! Other types of pen-holders need to be completed through the machine, especially plastic and foam pen, many of the forming links are required to complete the machine, but the packaging and trimming process is manual can participate.

              The design of the pen is also very important, the design determines the material and production process, the material determines the durability, production is decided to be practical, easy to use is one of the biggest competition point pen, so design pen must be as personalized as possible, more user-friendly point of departure.Pen Holder

              Rosewood Pen also belongs to a very noble pen, the main part of the big leaf "rosewood wooden pen"-that is, African rosewood pencil and India's lobular rosewood pen. In contrast, the value of Lobular rosewood pen is much higher. Lobular Rosewood Pen just made the new color red, gradually become darker, purple with patterns, and always dissatisfied oil. Rosewood Pencil vase color is darker, so different from the pear vase, it is generally suitable for carving some of the more traditional theme, and the flower vase can show different themes, and even some of the more trendy things.

Mahogany vase in the "mahogany" is not the name of a certain kind of wood, "mahogany" is to some rare hardwood collectively. For example (yellow pear), (rosewood), (Pear wood), (Acid Branch wood), (chicken wing wood) and so on.Pen Holder

              Mahogany pen color deep, can reflect the antique style. The finest mahogany pencil-holder is heavier, and can give people a thick feeling. The advantages of hardwood, can be matched with fine carved peck, will be carved theme of the Verve embodiment of incisively and vividly. The high stability of the material makes the mahogany pen very advantageous to collect.Pen Holder

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